Frank endorses CZARCIE KOPYTO drum pedals

As of now, Frank Schilperoort is an official Czarcie Kopyto artist.

Frank: “I tried the Czarcie Kopyto pedals right out of the box and I was hooked immediately.
How can the Czarcie Kopyto run so smoothely and kick with so much power at the same time? That’s some engineering magick!
These heavy duty pedals are super solid; the only parts that move are the parts that need to.
I’ve tested them extensively for old school death metal pounding and for that they are perfect.
I was a bit sceptic about the speedy foot work, because of the heavyness,
but soon found out Czarcie Kopyto stand their ground on high bpm as well. So, my soul is sold, the Czarcie Kopyto it is!”