Recording drums



Looking to hire a professional drummer to record drum tracks for your music? I have a fully equipped drum studio at my disposal. I’m specialized in heavy and extreme metal, but I’m able to play a lot of different genres.


You don’t need to rent out an expensive studio for your drum recordings; I have everything here at Studio Skillpero. Just send me your music and I’ll send you fully edited, multi track recorded drums. Need digital MIDI drum tracks or loops? I can create those for you too. Here’s what I can offer:

Acoustic drum recordings

Drum studio and microphones

My recording drum kit is set up and ready to go at de Leads des Deauds, The Monolith Deathcult‘s evil headquarters. The room is about 8 x 5 meters, 3,5 meters high. Wood flooring, partly rugged. Walls fairly dampened.

I use a variety of microphones that I’ve acquired in time, with some great additions provided by PT Equipment (shout-out to Jack!). We’ve got some Tascams, AKGs, t-bones (they’re awesome), Sure (beta 52a on kick is good, right?), Røde and more. My recording sound has been approved and processed by a.o. Russ Russel at Parlour Studios, Joost van den Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities, Mendel bij de Leij at Mendel Audio and Guido Aalbers at GieSound Studio.

Drum tracks on full drum recordings:

  • 2x Overhead
  • 4x Toms
  • 2x Bass Drum (mic)
  • 2x Bass Drum (triggered)
  • 1x Snare Top
  • 1x Snare Bottom
  • 1x Ride / HH-X
  • 1x Hi-Hat
  • 2x Room mic (optional)
  • 4x Tom trigger (optional)

Editing drum tracks

I usually deliver edited and consolidated drum tracks. There’s only a few other people that I trust with editing my drums. However, do not hesitate to bring up the subject if you have any requests.

Digital drum recordings

Do you need digital drum tracks or loops for your music productions? I will play them on my Roland electronic drum kit and send them to you in MIDI format, so you can loop them how you like, change the tempo and use your own drum sounds.


Power up your tracks with some pounding war drums, get that tropical touch with various Latin percussion instruments and add some skillfully played marching snares while you’re at it. I do full acoustic recordings in the studio or other suitable location, as well as electronic kit MIDI recordings. Whatever the method of recording, it’s all human played by yours truly and that’s what will set apart your tracks from any other clicked-in, straight-on-the-line percussive endeavor.


No one-size-fits-all packages

As every project is different, I do not work with one-size-fits-all packages. The price for recording drums depends on many factors, like the complexity and length of the track(s), creative demands and liberties, technical demands, the time frame etc.

Drum recording process

Before I start working on the drums for your track(s), we’ll talk about how the result should be, what accents and fills should be exactly like the demo and where there’s room for creativity, establish technical standards, that kind of stuff.

We will also agree on how many rounds of feedback there will be until the final version. However, I always aim to lay down the best drums I’m able to produce. I’ll do whatever gets you the best result.

You will receive a sound check file, which is usually a full track or a part of it, which you can use to evaluate the sound quality and specs, as well as my approach to your music. If needed, I’ll make the necessary changes. Then we’ll officially start the drum recording project.

What you get

I deliver fully edited drum tracks. Depending on the recording method, you’ll receive either and/or:

  • 48 kHz/24-bit Wave files of each mic
  • Consolidated kick & tom samples
  • Trigger pulses (audio)
  • Midi drum files
  • Additional drum/percussion instrument recordings.

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